Lounge With Us delivers real comfort to real women in real situations through loungewear, lifestyle, and longevity. The search for sustainable, made in the USA, women-crafted loungewear is over. We have hand-selected quality pieces for you to lounge in confidence and of course, in comfort.

  • Lovestruck Lounge PantsLovestruck Lounge Pants

    Lovestruck Lounge Pants

  • Neil Sweatshirt

    Neil Sweatshirt

  • Lounge Maxi Dress

  • Thorpe Tee

    Thorpe T-Shirt

  • Janis Joplin Portrait T-ShirtJanis Joplin Portrait T-Shirt

    Janis Joplin Portrait T-Shirt

  • Billie T-Shirt Dress

    Billie T-Shirt Dress

  • Abbot Kinney SweatpantsAbbot Kinney Sweatpants

    Abbot Kinney Sweatpants

  • Bamboo Joggers


Thank you so much for stopping by our shop! I have worked in the lingerie industry for almost 10 years and women’s shoes prior to that so I know how important living and working in comfort truly is.

I started Lounge With Us with the goal to supply real women with real comfort in themselves, their clothes, and their lives because we deserve to have it all.

Yes, we sell clothes but it is more than that – Loungewear is a lifestyle. It is where comfort meets confidence, where work meets life, and where all are welcome.

We could not be more excited that you are here!

Lounge is a Lifestyle

It may have been a while since you last heard from me! But don’t worry, it’s only because I have been plotting and planning, while

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It’s Our 1 Year Anniversary

Why Hello Friend,  Holy smokes! Did you know that we are approaching our 1 Year Anniversary next month? I’d like to take this opportunity to take you

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Love this!

Fast delivery, fast response if you have questions, awesome customer service, and quality clothes- love this!

– Stephanie


Fast shipping time, outstanding customer service, great quality products. Materials are super soft and perfect for bumming around the house, running errands, and some pieces can even be dressed up for nights out! Also love the fun games and chances to win prizes! Highly recommend!

– Katie

So crazy soft!

To say Lounge With Us adds comfort to my day-to-day is an understatement. Everything is so crazy soft!

– Hayley